MohsOp was founded by Laurie Cote in 2000. Laurie noticed a distinct need for Mohs surgeons to track patients and patient results in a database format. Thus MohsOp was formed.

Laurie is a trained Mohs Histotechnologist with more than 20 years of experience in Mohs laboratories around the country. She now writes software full time.

Once the database was designed for Mohs patients, other modules which tracked general dermatology excisions and biopsies were added. These modules allow flags to be added to patients to ensure that patients with malignant diagnoses are followed up.

The skills learned in development of the program have been applied to website design. Now, MohsOp also develops websites for small businesses. The websites are content management systems customized for each user.

Does your current website allow you to post to both Facebook AND your own website at the same time? MohsOp's content management systems can do that for you!

Because each MohsOp designed website has a content management system behind it, YOU control your website's content with no need for future bills to your web developer.